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Welcome to ChiFamily.com and the ChiKids! line of educational tools.

These colorful materials will help you to teach Smiling Anatomy to your family for improved physical and mental health. Designed for the

pro-active family, ChiKids! line of educational tools is based on the teachings of Tao Master, Mantak Chia.


When kids finish Level 3, they will understand where a number of internal organs are, what they do and how to smile to them.  More important, they will understand that emotions cause positive and negative reactions - both inside and outside of themselves.


Take a few minutes a day and help your child smile to their heart, lungs, liver, and more.

Listen as they use sound and color to associate positive and negative emotions with these organs.

Then, watch how clever they are as they use the tools to stay healthy and emotionally balanced.


It's so easy, even a grown up can do it.


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