Aquamarina 2

by Marina and Colin Campbell

A Spiritual Midwife's View of Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

First and last: The goal is a healthy mother and baby. The goal is healthy and happy mother and baby. When baby and mother are happy then Poppa is happy too! Happy, healthy family: happy and healthy bodies, emotion, minds and spirits. All is completed with LOVE.


LOVE is kindness, patience, gentleness, strength, courage, forgiveness, awareness, respect, joy = compassion + sexual love = happy mother and father and baby.


And so, what follows is a distillation of Marina's broad experience working with people. You must understand that this message comes from deep in Spiritual Midwife Mother Marina's mindheart/heartmind. Please, receive it as an offering of lovelife/lifelove.


About the modern world: The medical way of birth has become the norm. This is not to discount all the great Midwives out there in the world assisting at joyful home births! Did you know that more than half the births in Holland are home births.


Marina and I were talking about five different women whom she had helped to get pregnant. Marina uses many techniques including diet, prayer, meditation, exercises, sexual rituals, Vivation (, and more. These were women who'd been trying without success to get pregnant. Three were told by various M.D.s that they could not and would not get pregnant; indeed some should not get pregnant. Instead, with work and time they "became with child" and all five acknowledged the importance of the work with Spiritual Midwife Marina. (I do not capitalize Spiritual Midwife lightly. I do so with profound respect.) Now, get this: none of those five women had a natural, active birth! They had hospital births (vacuum birth, caesarian birth, oxytocin induced birth, M.D. induced birth). Why? Because they used the Tao practices like a job (teaching), like a martial art, like a physical exercise or like a game. No one of them used Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Iron Shirt as daily life, daily loving practices. Sometimes they officially pulled up orgasmic energy but did not learn about pregnant LOVE making. Of course they and their husbands loved each other, but without the organization necessary for evolution. Does "organized love" just sound too contrived, too weird? Nooo! It's only that we settle into comfortable "love routines"; I'm speaking of spiritual love routines as well as sexual love routines.


Some of these five couples tried for home births but were not informed, educated or supported enough. It's common for women to begin home birth, open 4 cm's or not at all, and then no progress. And so, medical back up! Trumpets sound! And off to hospital! And let's induce labor! (Get that "New Active Birth" book by Janet Balaskas and read about oxytocin and the placenta and baby and mother). Briefly, the no-progress situation does not come about with the Spiritual Midwife when the parents learn and follow the guidance.


The Universal Tao System's basic practices are very good for people. But very few people actually effect deep changes in their lives! These esoteric practices are too often simply collected and catalogued and brought out when one wants to exhibit: "Oh yes, I know (you fill in the blank). Well, no, I don't actually practice it..."


For expectant mothers: Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbits, basic "soft" Iron Skirt offer her a big chance to change on a cellular level during pregnancy. The woman's sensitivity is at a peak during pregnancy. Baby has come to her uterus 100% healthy from Spirit or Heaven. After arrival in mother, both Mom and Pop put their experiences in baby. Baby comes only with Tao/God information. Mother and father take or receive baby from empty space. When mother and father put fear into baby e.g. "mother is weak", "birth is dangerous", be careful! This impedes natural birth! Natural birth cannot be guaranteed. M.D.s, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, and other therapists work with sickness; so the baby's first info is about sickness, danger, fear. And so this information goes to Heaven. And to Heaven?s messenger, the baby. Pregnancy and birth are neither illnesses nor potential emergencies! In the first trimester (first three months) baby combines the five elements of earth, water, wood, fire and metal into blood, bone, lymph, organs, glands, brain, nerves, chakras, orbit, etc. from all of Mother Nature's powers or forces (lake, ocean, thunder, rain, wind, mountain and more). Medical Doctors' visits disturb baby's quiet, peaceful, rooting time. When mother goes for first trimester blood test, ultrasound and more, we can say that in general this is not good for placenta rooting and development. As baby is combining five elements into structure this information and structure is incorporated/incarnated into mother making mother healthy too. This is so important to understand.


Mother is the Temple for baby now. If smoke, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and bad info go to mother we can no longer trust the temple. Around the world it?s like this in temples: If monks and nuns are smoking and drinking and blasting the TV who wants to trust and use those temples or stay in them. So let's encourage mother to truly treat her body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.


Deep in every culture there is something like the following sound advice for the pregnant woman: Be quiet; don't speak about being pregnant until your pregnancy can be seen. This is wisdom. This protects baby and mother. Sickness of wide varieties is normal in the first trimester because mother's body undergoes profound changes so as to keep the baby; the body sends out mother's previous sicknesses and weaknesses. Sometimes efforts to reduce these "symptoms" or cure them does mother and baby no good at all and in fact, weakens them.


From the third month on mother?s body produces 60% more progesterone and 30% more estrogen for keeping baby. The placenta helps in making these hormones. During the first month and a half baby lives with a placenta that is rooting and developing/growing.


Q. What must the man/father do to help with hormones and the temple? A. Give his woman his love, sperm/male hormones and orgasmic energy. Don't stop sex: learn about healthy, pregnant sex. Examples are oral sex; breast play; sensual, sexual massage; it may not necessary to penetrate the vagina. Men, follow your woman's lead. Both of you must learn honest and open communication about your sexual loving. This is very personal and the couple would be well served by Marina and Colin's "couples only" retreat. If there's no man present then the mother must develop self-love even further including physical self-love = sexual, emotional love and spiritual love.


The Spiritual Midwife can teach you about sexuality, pregnancy and birth responsibilities. If you, the father, want to take on the Spiritual Midwife and give her 100% responsibility for delivery, you are saying, It's not my baby! It's the Midwife's baby! Now, be aware that baby takes all father's info, not mother's, because father is leading. Until father changes his mind about mother's sicknesses/weaknesses and starts doing Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, dancing and meditating together, swimming together, doing "watsu" together, regular love making (means: frequent, daily), stop checking blood, then there is no real change, no real taking of responsibility.


Marina's way is to teach the father to deliver the baby. She guides the parents through pregnancy, birth, and, beyond. The Spiritual Midwife is not the medical Doctor or normal Midwife taking responsibility from the parents. Birth is a natural process like making love, like conception!


If during pregnancy vitamins, pharmaceuticals and other "stuff", are not disturbing mother and she exercises and meditates properly, her body will know what to do at birth. There will be trust.


Five new hormones come to help with pain, fear, bleeding (easy clotting), and focusing/concentrating/awareness. The mother, at birth, produces testosterone (like making love) for accessing and feeling orgasm. If at birth there is induced labor by oxytocin, the woman's body cannot produce sufficient quantities of these five birth hormones. When the man loves his woman at birth time with kisses, caresses, and sexual energy, the hormone production is doubled making for an even more blissful, ecstatic, less traumatic birth. Spiritual Midwife guides this process through the teaching and training during pregnancy, delivery and after. Healthy parents and healthy baby are the bottom line! Mothers and fathers, be more optimistic! There's a balance between seriousness and lightness that is very calming.


Suggested reading and listening:




Get the beautiful book of photographs and text, "We are all Water Babies" (1994, Dragon's World, Great Britain) by Jessica Johnson and Michel Odent for inspiration and heart opening. It's about babies learning to swim. Our way is to begin this process at birth day one!


Find the book "Mamatoto" originally published maybe a dozen years ago by the Body Shop. It's for opening the mind regarding cultures ancient and present-day about conception, pregnancy and birth. It?s so good it's probably out of print... if so, search out a used copy.


And remember Janet Balaska's "New Active Birth: A Concise Guide to Natural Childbirth"; HarperCollins, circa 1989. Maybe there's a new edition. This is a "must" for anyone contemplating home birth. Even if you are planning a hospital/clinic birth read and understand this material especially regarding squatting.


"The Waterbirth Handbook: The Gentle Art of Waterbirthing" by Dr. Roger Lichy and Eileen Herzberg; Gateway Books, Bath, UK; 1993; distributed in USA by Atrium Publisher's Group, Lower Lake, CA. Every Midwife should absorb this experience. Expectant couples, too.


"Women Giving Birth" by Rees, Limburg and Smulders. Celestial Arts, Berkley, CA; 1992. Beautiful birth stories, fotos and information from the modern Dutch experience.




"Welcoming Children Into the World" by Various Artists; a Ryco CD = RCD10460. 13 songs from around the world welcoming the new lives.


Djivan Gasparyan's "Moon Shines at Night"; All Saints Records = ASCD16. He plays deeply soulful, suggestive instrumentals on the duduk. 49 minutes of atmospheric, sensual instrumental and vocal music.


You know of many books and music that we don?t know about. Please send us that information. Or better yet, send us a copy!


Contact us at and say where you heard about us.


Thanks. With Love from Colin and Marina


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