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Learn about a modern and alternative way to have a healthy, loving pregnancy and birth from Waterbirthing pioneers, Colin and Marina Campbell Drown.


Aquamarina 2

A Spritual midwife's view of pregnancy, birth, & beyond, Colin and Marina Campbell Drown.


Mothers Intuition

A Mother's Intuition by Lori Lite as seen in Parent Guide News New York July 2004.


Essential Oils 1

Young Living Essential oils, children and birth.


Essential Oils 2

Young Living Essential oils, children and birth, An essential oils newsletter about pregnancy, labor with oil recipes and testimonials.


Essential Oils Breech

Breech Babies and Myrrh oil.


Essential Oils Recipes

Recipes with oils for labor and delivery.


Essential Oils Use

"Mary Young's Pregnancy Protocol with their first Son, Jacob. One woman's experience with Young Living brand essential oils, products and supplements."


Baby Yoga

Why Baby Yoga? What's the big deal about swimming and exercising your baby?



Chi Kung. Qi Gong. Energy Work. A practical guide to using energy to facilitate physical health...


Sugar and Children

Sugar, It's not just for breakfast any more. Americans consume an estimated 100 pounds of sugar per person each year...


What is a Family?

What is a Family? Today a little boy asked me if he had a REAL family...


East Meets West

East Meets West. How western medicine and a Hindu-style diet can boost the immune system and regulate health.

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