Bryan Bertsch

3943 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410 USA

Bryan Bertsch has been Certified to teach meditation and chi kung practices by the Universal Tao Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bryan has also been formally taught advanced Tibetan holistic healing techniques. In addition he has studied Shamanic practices of the Americas; has experience in advanced meditation, breath techniques, Yoga, Tai Chi and works with ancient Buddhist and Tibetan mantras.


He is currently teaching a meditation class and has a private holistic healing practice in the Twin Cities. Bryan holds an International Relations and Political Science degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, graduating in 1995. He has experience with children, substituting for grades 1 and 5 at the Minnesota Waldorf School in Maplewood, MN.


How I Serve Children and Families:


I serve children and families by teaching techniques that can be practiced by children and their parents together.


Bryan Bertsch

3943 Beard Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410 USA

Phone: 612.388.7667


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