East Meets West

By Gokani

Want to live a disease - free life? Dr. G. R. Gokani, a general practitioner and Hindu devotee from Jamnagar, India, says that's possible if we keep our God - given immune system (or resistant power, as he likes to call it) completely intact.


Hindu doctor visiting city says the immune system can be boosted by shunning some foods, eating more of others


Times Globe staff Want to live a disease - free life? Dr. G. R. Gokani, a general practitioner and Hindu devotee from Jamnagar, India, says that's possible if we keep our God - given immune system (or resistant power, as he likes to call it) completely intact. But to accomplish that, he said during an interview here, there are regulators principally whole milk and ghee (clarified butter) of vital functions we need to consume. As well, there are many things we need to avoid, including the consumption of things like hot tea and coffee, the daily use of body soaps, fried and spicy foods and the irrational use of fans, air conditioners and refrigerators. Dr. Gokani, who has practiced what is known as integrated medicine - combining the best of natural Indian - style ayurvedic cures and chemical Western - style allopathic remedies since 1959, said germs, micro organisms and viruses are not our real enemy. The fact remains that they can harm only those whose resistance is (already) low, he said. The message (I preach) is just to have the immunity intact and all the diseases will be cured. What we say is that the immunity is a resistant power... when the immunity decreases, the diseases start. It's a message he believes even the Western world, which has watched the human devastation caused by AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) in recent years, can now fully appreciate. Dr. Gokani said our natural resistant power and health are inseparable aspects because survival of the body solely depends on that defense force being properly maintained. It is his experience, he added, that no sooner does the defense mechanism get weakened than the enemy, in the form of ailments, attacks the body. However, there are certain fundamental regulators of a healthy body which keep the immune system strong, or, when consume d, have the capacity to cure an illness completely, speedily and cheaply. In recent years he said he has(TEXT MISSING) recommended five elixirs milk, ghee (clarified butter), honey, yogurt, and sugar that he has used extensively in his medical practice for years. All five, he noted, have been condemned to varying degrees by today's society. He advocates that everyone should drink a glass of whole milk (with a 7 per cent fat content), with ghee added, to start their day and before either the evening meal, or at bedtime. He believes that consumption of the whole milk and ghee are the world's best hope for beating both hunger and disease. That's because the amount of ghee consumed monthly, he said, will not only directly and proportionately reduce obesity, but in undernourished people, it will proportionately increase the weight. Non - consumption of these vital regulators coupled with the consumption of hot tea and coffee, he said, leads to hyper - acidity and such health problems as gastric ulcers, gaseous disturbances, amoebiasis, amoebic colitis, constipation, diarrhea, fissure, piles, acne and menstrual disorders, to name only a few. Tea and coffee not only have an effect upon the stomach, but they (adversely) affect the nervous system, kidneys, intestine and colon. Dr. Gokani also said the constant use of moisturizers in the form of soap, cream, shampoo, etc., with their chemical contents causing irreparable damage to the natural protective oily cover of the(TEXT MISSING)diseases and respiratory tract diseases. Dr. Gokani also teaches that nicotine is a ruinous stimulant that damages vital organs once it gets into the bloodstream. Many dental creams, toothpastes and mouthwashes have chemicals in them that are not eco- friendly; and that the use of air conditioners, in the course of a day, causes temperature imbalance in the body leading to ear, nose, throat and related disease in those that are susceptible besides polluting the atmosphere. The same is true, he said of the unchecked use of phenyls, mosquito repellents, chemicals and germ - killer sprays and powders. Natural substances, like cow's dung, urine and decayed leaves, he said, make for best fertilizers.Cotton and jute, he added, are the natural yarn to wear with synthetic yarns and clothing having a history of causing allergic reactions. Dr. Gokani and three Hindu saints - - Swami Sudha Vichar Anand Puri and two women, who have also taken monastic vows are part of a missionary team now nearing the end of a two- month trip to Hindu communities in the Western world to offer both spiritual and physical guidance. The team, which arrived in the city Wednesday night, left for Montreal Saturday. In addition to private gatherings at the Millidgeville home of their host, business man Satyen Joshi, both Dr. Gokani and Swami Puri addressed a gathering of the city's 30 to 40 Hindu families Thursday. ****************Here ends the Times Globe Staff article.*******************




Resistance power is God's free & precious gift to every living being of this world. Resistant power and health are two inseparable aspects. It is the defense force of the living being on which the survival of the living being solely depends. It is the general experience that no sooner does the defense mechanism get weakened, than the enemy in the form of ailments attack the body. Much blame is given to germs microorganisms & viruses; the fact remains that they can harm only those whose resistance is low. In every epidemic, a vast majority pass through unharmed. Germs which are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, are not our enemies. This writing is an exercise to point out the factors lowering the resistance power of the human body which consequently weaken the immunity. There are certain regulators - factors, which enhance the power of defense mechanism & thereby minimize the requirement of medications. Indian scriptures, the Rishis and the saints by their very lives have taught the lessons of the way of life to be practiced & followed. This writer is indebted to the great heritage of India as well as to his forefathers for all the learning's which have been expressed in the simple understand and able wordings. Vital functions of the body are being regulated by certain regulators which have the capacity to cure the illness completely, permanently, speedily & cheaply. In the following chapters, these fundamental regulators & factors are detailed for keeping every human healthy & disease free.(TEXT MISSING) For the cure of every disease, Indian scripture has recommended one and all the components of PANCHAMRUT (Five elixirs) which consists of Milk, Ghee, Honey, Curd & Sugar. In its ignorance, present society has condemned all of them to a varied degree. The writer has experienced their importance from his long years of practice as a general practitioner & when turned to the scriptures finally, they substantiate d these facts & practice. An average Indian is in its blind materialistic race to amass the wealth, at the cost of values, morality and at the cost of its illiterate fellow humans. The educated scientific person has also still not come out of its mantle of slavery of white skinned persons. For him, everything that comes from West is the best and therefore, the capacity to address any issue originally, independently, innovatively & effectively has not been developed by & large. Ironically, he conveniently neglects the good tenets of the western world. It is a challenge for the young generation and to those young at heart, with their scientific outlook and having deep love for this nation as well as for the world at large, to go back to our heritage of Rishis, which speaks of love & compassion for the living as well as non - living beings and which combines science with spirituality. Is it not the time to wake up from our slumber and start following our rich and scientific traditions? Or should we be waiting for the West to teach us that? Here is an invitation to one & all to deliberate over the issues and start living accordingly. The concept of physical & mental health is the maintenance of resistance power as well as to keep the same in tact. The factors which are principally responsible in weakening the immunity are given hereinafter:


I) Consumption of hot tea & coffee (Indian way of preparation) & non consumption of milk & ghee.


Tea & coffee were never the drink of a poor man. It started with the upper strata(class) of the society, especially during the British period & the blind mimicking by the masses has resulted into a catastrophe. Mass media has further robbed a common man of its balanced thinking and it has become a prey to the mind bogging advertisement. It is almost necessary to start the day with milk and ghee (preferably cow's milk & ghee) and also before retiring to the bed or before dinner. Use of fresh whole milk is a must. Toned milk or separated milk as is being preferred without considering the consequences is not at all recommended. One glass of milk (100 to 125 gms.) in the morning and as well as in the evening with the same quantity is necessary. Pure ghee should be added to this glass of milk. The quantity of ghee shall increase or decrease as per the requirement of the body. It would vary from pregnant lady, to a child, to a house wife, to a laborer, to an executive sitting in an office etc. For an average healthy body intake of ghee shall be 100 gms. in the morning and 20 to 25 gms. in the evening. Milk and ghee are the fundamental regulators of a healthy body.




And consumption of hot tea and coffee leads to hyper acidity, and gastric ulcer, gaseous disturbances, amoebiasis, amoebic colitis, constipation & diarrhea, fissure, piles, aistula inanomimic appendicitis, pyelitis, menstrual disorders, early libido, early virilism, acne, ineffective spinal reflex, uncontrolled micturition in pediatric patients & anemia (the biggest problem faced by Indians) & other serious diseases.




Cow's milk is the complete food. Cow is worshiped in the form of a mother in vedic culture. Deva is the one who gives. Cow takes minimum from us and gives back maximum to the humanity and to the ecology. Vedas have related curing of diseases as well as up keeping of health with the consumption of cow's milk, which also has a tendency to make mind cheerful and peaceful along with curing of diseases. The child nourished with cow's milk would have the better moral qualities (SatvaGuna). Vitamin A in cow's milk is 100 units and when heated, it reaches to 400 units whereas buffalo's milk there is 150 units of vitamin A and it becomes almost zero when heated. Buffalo's milk decreases rationality. It is not easily digestible and increases inactivity & idleness. There is also a scope for adulteration. In that during the British period in India buffalos took the place of cows. They eat away the food of cows and oxen. As per the survey of National Dairy Research Institute KARNAL (published in 1981), Cows are more beneficial economically than buffalos when both treated equally. Tea & coffee contain tannic acid & uric acid. Tea, rich in tannic acid & other astringent agents acts as a strong irritant to the living membranes of the stomach. Tea & coffee not only have effect upon stomach, but they affect nervous system, kidneys, intestine & colon. (TEXT MISSING)is an extension of irritating effect to intestine. Use of coco product in the milk therefore and otherwise as a result of media publication is not only of no use but it further gives rise to health problems. Cow's ghee has sufficient oxygen and is considered the best for the diseases relating to the area of the head. Kerotine is ten times more in cow's ghee than in that of buffalo's. When instilled in the nostrils the oxygen of cow's ghee cures the diseases created as a result of imbalance of Vat, Pitt, Cough. In the problems of obesity which is rampant these days, amount of ghee consume d in one month will directly & proportionately reduce obesity while in the undernourished people it will proportionately increase the weight. In short cow's milk & ghee are the best nourishment and the fundamental regulators of a healthy body.




In India the consumption of oil has increased leaps & bounds. Fried and deep fried edibles are being preferred in a daily life. In the western countries the consumption of edible oil is almost nil. It is necessary to follow this habit of the West. What is desired is the application of oil in hair daily which provides a natural protection to hair & scalp & on body in a particular season especially for the young children except in the summer. As far as possible boiled preparation of food should be preferred or in the alternative Ghee should replace oil or the bare minimum consumption be made.




The skin of the human being has a natural protective oily cover. With the use of the bathing soap everyday, the natural oily cover is being damaged irreparably. Therefore more & more use of moisturizers in the form of soap, creme, shampoo etc. is seen to have arisen. Constant use of soap and shampoos with their chemical contents also give rise to skin diseases & respiratory tract diseases consequently.Soda power and other cleansing powders for the kitchen utensils are proving hazardous, not only for the environmentalist but it is proved that the washing of the utensils for 10 times with the clean water also does not take away the cleansing powder totally. The residue gets mixed up in the food and cause deleterious effect for the body.Media has done a disservice to the society for the vested interest of the society of the industrialist by constantly brain washing the common mass by relating the beauty with the use of these products. The use of clay and soil as well as ashes for the daily application over the body and for the utensils respectively is strongly desirable. Clay is the preserver of natural oily layer of body. This is also an answer to hue and cry of the environmentalist.




Much research has been published in this area regarding the injurious effect tobacco and its preparations are causing on the mind and the body. In spite of the statutory warnings as well, the consumption is on increase. They not only affect the person who consumes the same but in the prolonged user the progeny is badly affected in the form of genetic deformities. In cigarette smoking 70% of the nicotine affects the non smoker in the vicinity (a passive smoker) as per one research. The use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances has become prevalent all over the world which completely destroys the immunity of a body.Nicotine is a ruinous stimulant & when it gets mixed with blood, it becomes poisonous & when this blood circulates into a body, it damages the vital organs. Incidentally, it is required to be mentioned that Tobacco fields have no fences in as much as there is no fear of it being eaten away by stray domestic animals like donkeys even.




Use of these preparations not only has created health hazard but that has also ruined the non - organized trade of many castes of India who used to survive for their subsistence, on selling of the Dattun sticks. The use of Neem, Baval, Guggul stick comparatively much cheaper cost wise and when compared with the hygienic aspects the tooth brushes are no match to the natural sticks. Constant use of chemicals in the form of paste or mouth wash harm the body and their waste is not eco friendly. Use of Neem, Baval, Guggul in various preparation s in allopathy, ayurvedic medicines also further goes to establish their need for the body. Much legal battle is on with regard to the application of patent law to the Neem trees. Use of Neem tree would substitute the regular requirement of bitter preparation (Kadwani) which is recommended strongly in Ayurved.




It is felt that the consumption of tea and coffee results in craving for chilly. Chilly in the form of green chilies or the red chilly powder. It was never being used in the temples nor was the use on such a wide spread basis made by our forefathers. The West is also very cautious in its use of green chilies. Whereas the use of red chilly powder is almost nil. As known to one and all the constant and increasing use mainly leads to the problem of acidity.




The refrigerated cooked food and water looses its valuable elements. Therefore emphasis always used to be on fresh hot & natural food.The increasing use of air- conditioners has already started causing serious threat to the ozone layer which is so vital for protecting the Earth from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Excess of negative ions and its frequent change with the use and non use of air- conditioners in the course of a day also causes temperature imbalance in a body. It gives heaviness and those susceptible catch, ear, nose and throat related diseases. Constant, continuous and (TEXT MISSING) leads to the lowering of resistance power. When the problems of electricity are on increase and when the trees are being cut indiscriminately, insistence of fresh air instead of the artificial air would help increasing the resistance power which consequently will solve to a considerable extent the problem of ecology. The fresh air which the God gives freely to all has the highest importance in the field of health. Man has himself to thank for the non availability of fresh non - polluted air the result of his insensitised & self centered way of living.




It has been established from research that the D.D.T. spray and other sprays as are being used for killing the insects and germs in the agriculture are the biggest health hazard. Insecticides, herbicides and such other chemically stuffed sprays & liquids are causing harmful effects on the various organs of the human body. Instead Cow's dung and urine (Gober and Gaumutra) should be used. Cow's urine has got the capacity to free the body from all the diseases and thereby increases the resistance power. The use of fertilizers like urea brings down the resistance power of an agricultural land. Whereas use of the natural fertilizer made of cow's dung, urine and decayed leaves tremendously increase the resistance of the land. The experiments in some parts of India are going on for making soap, shampoo as well as incensed sticks from cow dung and cow urine. Gobar gas is already recognized as an established from of alternative energy in many parts of India.




Cotton and jute are the natural yarns. Human body responds more favorably to these yarns. Synthetic yarns & cloths have the history of causing allergy in very many cases. Use of plastic for the packing's and otherwise has resulted into the biggest headache for the environmentalist. Due to non - cycling of plastic in biodegradation has alerted the countries like Japan, Europe and America to replace the plastic bag with those of Paper, Jute and Cotton bags.The dishes made of leaves & baked leaves (patal & kulhar) as an alternative to the plastics and the steel utensil shall reduce the use of cleansing powder and the minimum cost of these articles would not only make it affordable for the common man but it would also sustain the non organized industry manufacturing these patal and kulhar, which is otherwise striving hard for their survival, the waste can be eaten away by domestic animals & the rest is easily biodegraded. It makes the land fertile as well.




It has become a fashion to criticize everything that has been given to us by tradition. A strong lobby criticizes Anjan (India way of preparation) on the grounds of impurity and infection. Of course, the hygienic condition while preparing Anjan at home is necessary and the adding of ghee and / or castor oil enhances the value of Anjan manifold. It increases the viewing power of the eyes. Moreover, the society will not face epidemics of viral conjunctivitis frequently and it will also to a considerable extent help solving the ophthalmic problems in the early age. (TEXT MISSING) four thousand people in (TEXT MISSING) became (TEXT MISSING), to serious adverse effects of penicillin & from among them, 30 die. Antibiotics at times generate anaphylactic shock in the body. It has been a well known fact that the frequent non - supervised medications result in serious aftermath effects. Indiscriminate prescription of allopathic drugs to curb the symptoms of diseases is an everyday phenomenon. Most of the countries of the West have put a serious ban on the use of antibiotics.It is very rare that the malarial parasites are seen in the blood samples of a patient in the laboratory test with the signs of the fever with rigors. The heavier antibiotics are being prescribed, making the human beings guinea pigs. They ultimately bring down the resistance power of a body and natural defensive mechanism gets paralyzed heavily.




In the former chapter, the factors responsible in bringing down the resistance are described. This chapter deals with those fundamentals whose absence creates chaos. Therefore, it is the repetition of some such factors which are mentioned before and other such regulators which are in the form of ayurvedic & allopathic medicines to be taken orally & parentally.


i) USE OF FRESH WHOLE MILK (Cow's milk preferably)


Quantity and other details since given supra, reiteration is not necessary.




In the Vaishnav sect, propagate d by Srimad Vallabhacharyaji in the 15th Century & popularly known as Pushtimang, Lord Krishna worshiped in the child form, is offered sweet dish made of sugar & ghee daily & in the days of festivals, more & more such dishes are offered. It is to remove fatigue & rejuvenate the entire body system. Ghee is the best lubricating agents for the joints. The body has a natural capacity to sustain itself most effectively for a minimum period of 100 years with their regular intake.




Sugar and jaggery both are prepared from sugarcane, since sugar is a refined product, the valuable nutrients may get lost in the preparation to some extent. Jaggery prepared without using hydro chemicals is the best choice. In olden days, jaggery mixed with ghee was considered the most popular for all occasions.Intake of sugar and / or jaggery is found a must. It has nothing to do with causing diabetes. They hold equal importance as that has been given to milk & ghee.




These are two very important factors as regulators the importance of which is well accepted the world over. Honey contains largely water & sugar with flavor of flowers. The quality of honey depends upon the bees collecting the same. It is the best & natural source of Vitamin - B- complex. Ayurved says (TEXT MISSING) Curd is an elixir when taken at the end of a meal. Its use is found the most beneficial in winter. However, in certain diseases, the use is to be restricted for some time. Rain water is the best source of fresh water. During the period of kings and princes, in their utmost wisdom, wells & lakes were dug in plenty and they remain the source of water supply to very many hand pumps as on this day even. Earth is called the Mother Earth.As far as possible, water consumption should be from the natural sources. It will be enriched with the nutrients contained in Earth - soil and the temperature of water will be directly in contrast to the temperature outside. Therefore, in summer, water drawn from these sources is cold & in winter, it is lukewarm.




It is one of the most vital aspects of daily life. Evolution of mankind is the best testimony of the fact that those organs which are not used are lost. The appendix in the human being is one such example which is a necessity in grazing animal. Unemployed organs are the biggest enemies whereas employed parts of body are the best friends. With the advancement of technology, machines have replaced physical work therefore, more & more diseases are witnessed. The priority be given to the household work, other physical work, which is useful for the society & in the alternative, constructive work at home or office are of utmost important. Yoga can also take place of an alternative exercise, which is not only exercise but a way of mediation.




The world ecology is facing serious problems and they are basically there because mankind has not been able to evolve a way of life, which will allow the peaceful co-existence of every species on the earth. The materialistic exploitative mentality has not only affected the environment, it has fundamentally affected the human race. In no others species of the world, the mothers who are naturally gifted with lactation face the problems of not having enough milk for their infants. When mother's milk is found the most fundamental for the basis of immunity in a child, Obstetricians and Gynecologist have still to pointedly answer this magnitude problem of mother's inability to provide milk to new generations because of the gradual decrease in her capacity to do so. Frequent cases of caesarians and non spacing of deliveries are some of the grave problems which shall be answered by following this simple method. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) which is proving a monster for the scientist of the world today is nothing but our insensitivity to address the problems from the root.Have we ever thought that in spite of the population of nearly 90 crores in India, why is it that the Nation has to be satisfied with one bronze and no gold or silver medal in the world sports meets? The intake of food constitutes the base for the body mechanism and by neglecting this vital issue, we have to thank ourselves for this debacle.The constant and continuous use of stimulants in the form of tea and coffee, resultantly depletes the body of vital water soluble vitamins though frequent urinations with simultaneous or alternative problems of constipation. In the end, from the time of puberty only the body starts becoming the house of different diseases.(TEXT MISSING)Extent of about 25 to 30%. Since it is observed that the food consumption without the consumption of milk and ghee as mentioned hereinbefore is four times more. This is also a panacea to the food crisis of the world. And, the diet control shall be automatic from the body without much effort to do so. With the intake of stimulants & with the distorted way of living, there is a gradual psychological disorders and changed unnatural patterns of physical body. For instance one will not be able to stay without fan for a second even as the body's natural capacity to acclimatize would have vanished and the same person will require hot water for bathing in the morning. With the missing of one time tea or coffee, such person will start getting a headache, though one is nourishing a wrong notion that one is not an addict. The fact remains that the stimulants like tea and coffee have gradually distorted one's body patterns. It is not enough that one is not consuming tea & coffee since that is an absence of negative aspect. What is necessary is to include in one's daily life the positive aspects as mentioned herein before. It is required to be emphasized at this juncture that cost wise it comes out to be much cheaper. For instance, milk and ghee twice a day is sufficient. Whereas those consuming tea or coffee will repeatedly require to take the same. This is the direct benefit which one can experience in terms of money whereas indirectly, it will save the energy by way of optimum use of fan, gitzer and less expenditure of medicines etc. The intake of milk and ghee decreases the ratio of serum cholesterol & serum - H.D.L.C., which will decrease the incidence of cardiac problems. In the patients of high blood urea and high serum creating optimum level will be achieved. Serum high density lipid cholesterol a protective factor for a healthy heart achieves optimum level by implementing the simple method. It will also save the hazards of bypass surgery and angioplasty. Angio ballooning, heart transplantation & vascular surgery too. The passing of blood through save machines of Germany will not be necessary any more. In the obesity problems the fat shall diminish phase wise and there shall be no need of lypolysis extraction machine. It has also been observed that the stone (gall or a renal) formation in such persons is much more and recurrence is also a regular feature. Fantastic results have been achieved in the recurrent para nasal sinusitis. Indiscriminate use of analgesic tablets, local balms, and the use of instant pain relievers lead to the damage to the immune system. When the market is being flooded with more and more drugs, the pharmaceutical companies join hands with certain unethical elements and exploit the ignorance of common masses. There is not the slightest intension to cause despondency amongst medical professionals but, it is the objective criticism of the system which is prevalent, of over medication, over professionalism & less awareness towards the naturally gifted elements. An emphasis all along is on scrupulously following the fundamentals described in chapter 3. However, at the cost of reiteration, it is being stated that sedentary life will not help when there is an intake of milk and ghee. Physical exercise is a must. Ideal is the household work or doing one's own work. Mahatma Gandhi stressed on the aspect of respect for labor in the education system. With the concept of white collar job as introduced by the Britishers, has left no room for the labor. IVAN ILLICH, in his book THE RIGHT TO USEFUL UNEMPLOYMENT AND ITS PROFESSIONAL ENEMIES has written that what counts in a market intensive society is not the achievement of satisfaction that flows from action but the status of the social relationship that commands production. According to him in an advanced industrial society, especially, where the state takes over, house work, handicraft, subsistence agriculture learning exchanges and the like are degraded into the activities for the idle, the unproductive, the very poor or the very rich. However, in the alternative one can prefer constructive work with physical labor and the yoga Asanas and other exercises suiting one's temperaments & body patterns. It is predicted scientifically that if the life pattern is not changed and the same pattern continues, the average Indian life expectancy for the female would be 22 years and for the male 25 years. Though the body is mortal and the death of every being that is born is certain, what is important is not the number years one lives but it is the way one lives accords importance. Yet as long as one is alive there should be no compromise with the quality of life. As the healthy body is considered the first and foremost element in bringing about happiness. Moreover weak and ailing body creates weak mind which is the biggest hurdle in accomplishing the inner journey leading to God.The writer welcomes genuine & scientific queries at any point of time. Translation of this writing in any language of the world, without disturbing the sum & substance of the theory is permitted, provided its aim is selfless & to ameliorate the sufferings of the masses. However, it is being hurriedly added that no exploitation shall be permitted at any cost, with the aid of this theory.




We are the master of our choice. The hundred and odd, theories / arguments can be canvassed to counteract the theory put forth. Each one is at liberty to testify the same. Our scripture has always tested everything to the touchstone of experiment, be that may the journey of inner total health (holistic health) or that of the physical health. Those who genuinely desire to keep themselves healthy where not only the disease is absent, but where there is a positive sign of enjoyment of naturally gifted health, may start experimenting from today itself the dictums proposed in chapter 3 as tomorrow never comes. Life is now and here. Talk of tomorrow is the sign of postponement of living and the Existence does not permit the postponement. SUSHRUT DPP. SATYANARAYAN TEMPLE,HAMNAGAR,GUJARAT,INDIA.




I have endeavored to provide the most accurate transcription possible. Due to defects in the original paper copy I worked with, their are necessarily some shortcomings. The original had text missing and many misspellings in its translation into English. For misspellings, I corrected only when the case was unambiguous. Since medical terms are used and I'm not a doctor, I left medical terms exactly as they were.In the case of missing text, I chose to insert the marker (TEXT MISSING). When (TEXT MISSING) appears on a line by itself, it indicates that a page was cut off during photocopying, and so we do not know how much text is missing. When it occurs inline, it means that a word or phrase was illegible. The changes made during transcription are in keeping with Dr. Gokani's statement that doing so without disturbing the sum & substance of the theory is permitted, provided its aim is selfless & to ameliorate the sufferings of the masses. This is my goal in providing this transcription to you. I am trying to get better copies so we can improve this transcription. If any reader has access to this original article and can provide the missing text, please contact Chi Family Inc. at sarina@chifamily.com


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