Essential Oils Use

By Mary Young

Mary Young's Pregnancy Protocol with their first Son, Jacob.

One woman's experience with Young Living brand essential oils, products and supplements.


Throughout the pregnancy, I used several oils. Every morning and night I would rub Valor over the abdomen. This was the particular oil blend that I was drawn to use. After applying this oil. I would (usually) rub on one more oil. Sometimes I would rub as the second oil something different in the morning than at night. Most of the time in the morning, after applying Valor, I would apply Brain Power.


Then in the evening, after Valor, I would apply White Angelica, Peace and Calming, or Gentle Baby. In the morning, after Valor, I would sometimes change and use any of the following: Gathering, 3 Wise Men, Into the Future, Magnify Your Purpose, Inner Child, and Joy. I tried various oils that appealed to me to see how they felt. I would use 3-4 drops of each blend every time I used it.


For the first three months of pregnancy I used Power Meal, Whey Fit, BeFit, Megazyme, Sulferzyme, Master Children's, Ultra young, Pregnenolone capsules (now called PD 80/20), Super Cal, Vita Green, Comfortone, and ICP every day. In about the 4th month, I increased Power Meal, Megazyme and added Super B, Super C, Mineral Essence, and Exodus capsules. I stopped the Pregnenolone capsules (80/20) and started to use the Pregnenolone cream, I rubbed the cream over my abdomen.


In the 7th month I decreased the BeFit from 6 caps daily to 5 daily, increased Megazyme to 13 daily, increased Master Childrens to 9 daily, increased Mineral Essence to 5 droppers daily.


In the 8th month I increased Megazyme to 14 daily, stopped Sulferzyme, increased Super Cal to 8 daily, increased Master Children's to 10 daily, Super C to 4 daily, added 3 Thyromin daily, increased Super B to 2 daily.


During the birth Gary used many different oils such as: Valor, Peace and Calming, Release, Gathering, Joy, and Brain Power. I was in labor for 4 hours and in the last hour he applied En-er-gee oils blend along the spine and gave me Royal Essence to drink. The Royal Essence was especially helpful at the end when my energy was getting lower. Upon delivery, Gary anointed Jacob with Frankincense. After the delivery, we immediately drank Whey Fit.


Until now, all oils were applied neat meaning with no dilution-just as they come out of the bottles.


After the birth, we began applying oils to Jacob but diluted with V-6. We put Valor on his feet and Gary did Vita Flex on him immediately. We have used gathering, White Angelica, Brain Power, Magnify Your Purpose, Joy, Passion, Peace and Calming, Dream Catcher and others on Jacob. I mix 3-4 drops with tsp. V-6 Mixing Oil. I massage the oils all over his body. We usually put 1 drop Frankincense on his forehead. Jacob loves the oils and starts to laugh when I begin massaging him.


However, after the first couple of weeks we decided to not use the oils every day, because we don't want him to become desensitized. We don't know if he will but we just decided that ever 3rd or 4th day would be better.


Gary made a special cream for me at the beginning of the pregnancy, which we call the "Baby Blue Cream" which is not yet available for purchase. I used it 2 or 3 times a day, which, I believe is the reason I do not have stretch marks. I had a lot of itching with the stretching of the skin and when this happened, I would rub the cream on my abdomen and I would stop itching. It was a wonderful help during this time. After Jacob was born, we started using this cream on him. I use it everyday and Jacob loves it. If he becomes a little red because of a wet diaper. I apply the cream all over his bottom and with the next diaper change, the redness is gone.


Both supplements and oils vary according to feeling and need. Because it is winter and many people are sick, I often rub ImmuPower to the bottom of his feet. (One or two drops are quite sufficient).


I was very careful of what I ate through the pregnancy. No white sugar, white flour foods, salt, soda pop, fried foods, and chlorinated water. We ate mostly out of our garden and greenhouse and bought only organic foods from the health food store that included some chicken, turkey, eggs and cheese. We stayed away from any chemicals that we might breathe.


I did exercises each day that were recommended for pregnancy and then I went swimming in our pool about 5 times a week. This pool is also free of chlorine.


We have fed Jacob in small amounts: Power Meal and Whey Fit, and Body Balance. I begin each morning with 1 scoop each of Power Meal and Whey Fit mixed together in water. I eat Whey Fit throughout the day and to all the other supplements I had added JuvaTone as I want to work on more liver cleansing.


I gained only 17 pounds during the pregnancy and when Jacob was born. I was back to my regular weight. I had no problems throughout the pregnancy and used no drugs of any kind for the delivery. I experienced no depression of "baby blues" after the delivery. I had no emotional problems during the pregnancy and have felt my normal self since the delivery. I found myself only tired needing more sleep.


Jacob basically slept through the entire night from the beginning or would wake up just once during the night. He cries only if he is hungry, needs his diaper changed or wants to be held. He is a very happy baby who is extremely aware and responsive. He is built very well and is very strong. He was holding his head up the first day of birth and has been trying to stand up for a long time.


The oils and supplements are an individual decision. I used many different oils and was never affected in a negative way by any of them. Each individual must use common sense and be wise.


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