Jason E. Appel

515 Gunsmoke Lane, Afton, TN 37616 USA

A.K.A. Sproutman Certified to teach: Inner Smile Six Healing Sounds Microcosmic Orbit Chi Self Massage Iron Shirt Chi Kung I Tai Chi Chi Kung I Tao-In Healing Love I've taught to friends, family and those with cancer in Yoga since 1994 in various settings. I'm also a certified colon therapist with over five years of experience and have been trained in Thai Massage and Chi Nie Tsang in Thailand. I'm also a certified Living Foods Practitioner and have professional growing experience of sprouts and wheatgrass in the US, Thailand and the Philippines. In addition I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in sustainable agriculture with a minor in environmental studies.


Jason E. Appel

515 Gunsmoke Lane, Afton, TN 37616 USA

Phone: 423-639-7205


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