Lee Holden

161 Anchorage Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 USA

Lee Holden is a Senior Instructor for the International Healing Tao. Lee has taught meditation, Chi Kung, yoga, and Tai Chi for the last fifteen years. He has been the Chief Editor for Grand Master Mantak Chia for numerous projects. Lee has taught workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and South East Asia. He has been on staff with Mantak Chia and Deepak Chopra, teaching, writing, and facilitating seminars and workshops. Currently, Lee teaches at Five Branches Institute for Chinese Medicine, Twin Lakes College of Massage, and is the founder of Pacific Healing Tao in Northern California. Lee's video Tai Chi for Fitness has been featured on two separate television shows and numerous magazine articles. Lee Holden Jr. is a graduate of U.C., Berkeley, with a BA in Psychology and a Licensed Acupuncturist. Lee teaches a Tai Chi for kids class that follows the movements of animals. Kids get a great workout, balanced energy, and have fun doing it.


Lee Holden

161 Anchorage Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062 USA

Phone: 831-465-1128




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