Linda Larson, Author Artist

Ashland, Oregon, USA


L.E. Larson, is a Published Author & Artist of fairy greeting cards, Children's Fairytale genre', Spiritual genre'& Holism subject matters. Linda's background and education consist of; Illustrator and Artist of fairytales & Meditations, over 29 certifications in the holistic field, Holistic health-care provider licensing in the area of Chinese Olympic Athletic Sports Medicine Rehabilitation - Beijing, China, Chinese Pediatric "TUINA" certified at the Nanjing Jiang-Su Provincial Hospital - Nanjing, China, Physical Therapy, Reiki Master, Massage Therapy, and she is an Estheticienne (skin-care), Certified Spa technician and Cosmetologist.


How I Serve Children and Families:


Linda enjoys making appearances on Television, Children's storytelling groups, libraries and bookstores often accompanied by her friends who like to dress up in fairy and angel costumes. She also gives group talks and instruction on baby massage, Chinese acupressure and aromatherapy after children's storytimes.


About website for Author & Artist offers links on her homepage where you can order copies of her books; "The Little Baby Massage Book" - "Magical Moods Fairies Coloring Book" (with - BeQuiggle the Magical Leprechaun of Shamrock Hill story)- "An Angel's Prayer - A Book for World Peace" & Coming soon ~ "The Legends of Misty" - "Mother & Child Meditations - A Journal of Memories" - Second edition in full color -"The Little Baby Massage Book", fairy greeting cards, angel and fairy costumes & apparel for both children and adults. Send an email for booking a book signing/talk/storytime, and read an overview page you can click on "About Linda" showing all credentials of public libraries and bookstores that Linda has been asked to attend while on book tours.


Office Hours and Rates:


Book signings and appearances are all discussed by email directly from Linda's website, and are all tailored to suit the event or storytime(s) according to individual needs.


Linda Larson, Author & Artist

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Phone: email only


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