Raven Cohan

Healing Tao of S. FL./ TLC Tai Chi-Qigong

314 Oak St., Hollywood,, FL 33019 USA


Raven Cohan Certified Instructor of HEALING/UNIVERSAL TAO INTL.


Born 8/20/46 Raven was a professional actress, singer, and dancer who performed with a male partner for a total of twelve years, (from '68-'80), doing acrobatic-adagio dance in Radio City Music Hall, and other theaters, nightclubs, cruise ships and films, world-wide.


Raven continued as a solo act that utilized her talent as a contortionist, and as a corporate event entertainer using skills in mime, clowning, impersonations and psychic reading of palms until retiring in 1998.


Mantak Chia certified Raven to teach Chinese Meditation and Chi Kung in 1983. She holds certification in nine Healing/Universal Tao course levels. She continued extensive training with Chia and other teachers from that time until the present and has improved her health and zest for living tremendously.


How I Serve Children and Families:


Raven volunteered for eight years at a local middle school through the Broward county Mental Health Association in a program for Listen to Children and presently volunteers teaching to Gilda's Club in Ft. Lauderdale.


Raven's classes are consciously priced very affordably and she takes barters and gives gratis classes to those who are in such need.


About Healing Tao of S. FL./ TLC Tai Chi-Qigong:


Raven's dance background and earlier spiritual training from age 18 until meeting Chia at age 34 brought through practice, an eye to help individual's with their own needs in developing along their path.


Office Hours and Rates:


Raven teaches eight on-going classes weekly. Daily early morning classes except for Tuesday, and an evening class on Monday are right on the beach in N. Hollywood, FL. An indoor class is on Sunday in the later morning at a lovely outdoor park with shelter available for sun & rain.


Raven Cohan Healing Tao of S. FL./ TLC Tai Chi-Qigong

314 Oak St.

Hollywood, FL 33019 USA

Phone: (954) 927-2836 Fax: Same/needs activation via phone call www.taoTLC.com


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