Robert E. Marchand

Conneticut Healing Tao

PO BOX # 1373 , Glastonbury, CT 06033 US


Robert E. Marchand is founder and director of the Connecticut Healing Tao Center SM and a Certified Instructor of the International Healing Tao. Robert's study of martial arts began in 1972, later expanding his studies to include traditional Taoist healing practices.


Currently Robert facilitates workshops in the Healing Tao, Meditation, Movement, Health and Relaxation for groups, business's and individuals. He offers clients varied approaches to healing. Robert has worked with people having illnesses ranging from cancer to cerebral palsy to strokes and health issues which elude diagnosis and treatment.


Robert has studied with or had exposure to the following Masters: Mantak Chia, Chuang Luiang Huang, FaXiang Hou, He Jinbao, QinYin and Binhui He.


How I Serve Children and Families:


I teach the Healing Tao through group classes, private students, and I work with people individually with health concerns. I have worked with person with emotional issues, cancer, cerebral palsy, strokes and more.




The Connecticut Healing Tao has many resources to draw upon to assist people in improving their health and finding balance and peace.


Office Hours and Rates:


Office hours are by appointment. Rates are available on a sliding scale.


Robert E. Marchand

Conneticut Healing Tao

PO BOX # 1373 , Glastonbury, CT 06033 US

Phone: 860-633-7070ax: 860-633-2030


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