Sarina Stone

Universal Tao

Saint Paul, MN 55104 USA


Sarina Stone began her relationship, in 1990, with the internationally reknown Taoist Master, Mantak Chia. Famous for blending Eastern medicine and Western medicine, Mantak Chia has proven that he has mastered the ability to control systems of the body previously believed to be purely automatic.


Sarina Stone has been studying the ancient art of Healing Chi Kung under the direct supervision of Master Chia since 1990 and spends much of her time teaching Medical Chi Kung and giving Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organs Chi Massage) treatments to guests at the Universal Tao Institute in Chaing Mai, Thailand to this day.


After certifying as a massage therapist in 1994, she began combining meditation, body work, essential oils and nutrition while teaching and treating clients internationally (America, Cananda, Europe and Asia). Sarina Stone has been privy to countless self healings as the result of Medical Chi Kung since she began her tenure at the Universal Tao Institue many years ago. She has certified as an instructor many times over through the Universal Tao Institute and makes her living, currently, teaching Healing Chi Kung in workshop and retreat formats, lecturing and treating clients.




1990- Began course of study with Universal Tao Institute


1994- Graduated Minneapolis Scool of Massage and Body Work GPA 4.0


1996- Certified with Instuctor status Universal Tao Institute Basic Practices - Medical Chi Kung


1996- Certified with Instuctor status Universal Tao Institute Healing Love - Sexual Energy Practices for men and women


1996- Certified with Practitioner status Universal Tao Institute Chi Nei Tsang - Chinese Internal Organs Chi Massage


1998- Certified with Instructor status Universal Tao Institute Cosmic Healing Chi Kung - Advanced Medical Chi Kung


How I Serve Children and Families:


I LOVE teaching families how to meditate for health together. What a great way to start a young life!


Office Hours and Rates:

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm


Sarina Stone

Universal Tao

Saint Paul, MN 55104 USA

Phone: 651-645-5714


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