Sheila Van Houten

New Light Consulting Corporation

7539 Park Avenue, Richfield, MN 55423 USA


Rev. Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, is in her 28th year of excellence as a life/career/spiritual coach. One of her favorite specialties is energy medicine (see


How I Serve Children and Families:


Through personal coaching, color therapy, palmistry (yes, palmistry for kids!) and energy work, I help people of all ages see themselves in a new light, identify and accomplish goals, and reward themselves for their specialness.


About New Light Consulting Corporation:


Sheila earned her DD in Advanced Energy Medicine, her PhD in Religion with a specialty in spiritual counseling, and she completed her Master's program in Adult Education. She is a licensed and ordained interfaith minister, a certified massage therapist, and color-light specialist.


Office Hours and Rates:


By appointment, 2:00-6:30 daily. $75/half hour.




You and your kids can have some fun! You can have an expert palm reading by Sheila just by sending photocopies of both your pals, marked "left" and "right" to Sheila's email address. For $40 you will receive a 15-minute palm reading via email, phone, web cam, or in person. If you prefer, you may have a half-hour reading for $75. I accept PayPal. I tape record your reading so you can hear it again later. What will you learn? You'll learn all about your natural career directions, your success likelihoods, your love potentials, your destiny, factors of your personality, anything mysterious or lucky in your palm, and a hundred other things! Why is a professional palm reading great for kids as well as adults? Wouldn't it be wonderful and amazing to know the natural career directions, strengths, and success likelihoods of your kids so you can encourage their interests along their own unique path? Yes, you know it would!


COME IN PERSON AND ENJOY TWO BONUSES: A color-light therapy session and a trip to our oxygen bar! You'll leave this experience walking on air and looking ten years younger!


Palm reading is HUGELY popular at corporate and private events, so keep it in mind and ask for rates! One-to-one entertainment is so exciting for your guests!


All it takes is a phone call or an email to make arrangements for a truly unique, personalized, one-to-one experience!


Rev. Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD

New Light Consulting Corporation

7539 Park Avenue, Richfield, MN 55423 USA

Phone: 612-866-1269 or 800-981-2435 ext 708


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