Walter Beckley

The School Of Radiant Living

22916 Lawndale, Richton Park / Chicago Area, IL 60471 USA


With over 23 years of experience in mind body and spiritual development Walter L. Beckley operates the School Of Radiant Living. Walter is a certified Senior International Healing Tao / Universal Tao Instructor and Teacher's Advisor.


As a Life Enhancement Coach and Healing Therapist, Walter works not only on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels but also within the ancestral and psychic realms as well.


Walter's work is designed to bring dynamic balance and clarity to our relationships, career goals, family, friendships, spiritual connection and direction, health, creativity and happiness. He teaches Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist Energetic Healing methods, Chi Nei Tsang Healing Massage, Sun-Do Taoist yoga and meditations, Taoist and Tantra sexology which includes the methods of sexual fulfillment, healing and spiritual development.


Milestones in Walter's Life:


Walter has written and produced two musical and spoken word CD's on activating the Internal Radiant Life Force, entitled: Ocean Breathing and The Radiant Hand Body Activation Method� as-well-as a video based on "Ocean Breathing" and The Radiant Hand Body Activation Method. His soon to be released book entitled: The Continuation which is a book on awakening the twelve powers in man, based on Charles Fillmore's book "The Twelve Powers of Man" is schedule for release in 2003.


He is a contributor to two of the new best selling books by Mantak Chia and The International Healing Tao Company The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Chi Nei Tsang - Internal Healing Organ Massage.


The goal of Walter's work is to celebrate life by helping assist others in opening to their radiance as well as how to heal ourselves and others by


harnessing the Radiant Healing Force from within. How I Serve Children and Families:


My main goal is to help those who desire and expect more out of life, receive the internal radiance and love needed to empower and fulfill their lives.


About The School Of Radiant Living:


Walter is founder of The "School of Radiant Living" and is the director for the �Breath of Life" Research and Development, Inc., a charitable, non profit corporation.


Office Hours and Rates:


Call or visit my website for upcoming classes and private sessions.


Walter Beckley

The School Of Radiant Living

22916 Lawndale, Richton Park / Chicago Area, IL 60471 USA

Phone: 708-481-9128 Fax: 708-481-8714


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