Willow Lune:

Willow Lune is first and foremost a loving mother. Beyond that, she is a certified instructor and practitioner of Medical Qigong and Acoutonics Sound Healing. Her approach is gentle and nurturing, and takes in the whole being. Willow is driven by her desire to teach people how to access their own internal healing powers, and is dedicated to bringing about joy, laughter, empowerment, and healing on their spiritual journey.


How I serve Children and Families:


Medical Qigong is gentle energy work that has been used for centuries in China. It is quite effective with children and open adults. Acutonics Sound Healing applies sound and vibration to acu-points instead of needles or pressure. Treatments are fun and peaceful and harness powerful results. Willow also teaches Qigong movement classes to kids and adults.


About Your Practice:


Welcome to Sea of Qi Wellness, where you will find Empowerment through Self-Healing. Our healing system honors the whole person: mind, body and spirit, with each treatment as unique as you. Medical Qigong energy work, Qigong instruction, Actuonics Sound Healing, Meditation, Wellness Coaching. Specializing in care for the entire family. www.seaofqi.org


Office hours and rates varies.


Willow Lune, CMQ

Sea of Qi Wellness

Berkeley, CA 94710



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